Mr. Baldassare.


“Hygiene, elegance, practicality, savings…
Baldassare Agnelli is the only factory that can supply a full homogeneous kitchen in pure Aluminum.”

That is what was written in the catalog of our first cookware production.
And Mr. Baldassare, our ancestor, spoke the truth. It was 1907, more than a century ago. Vittorio Emanuele III was reigning over Italy, and Theodore Roosevelt was in his second term as President of the United States.

Ever since then, the Agnelli factory has never stopped manufacturing cookware. Today, safe and secure technology is added to craftsmanship;

Agnelli cookware is used all over the world, it meets the most sophisticated cooking techniques and it is appreciated by the most established cooks and lovers of good food.

Baldassare Agnelli


Many things have changed in the way we view our kitchen, our nutritional principles and food safety.

But surely, beauty and perfection of our instruments contribute to success of each cooking session,

with the respect of the raw material used.

How many shapes do our pots take on? An infinite number .... The pan (patellam in Latin) is the most

popular and widespread form, and it becomes a saucepan when it has one handle; a stewpan

when is deep and wide with two handles; a pot with high or low sides; or an oval casserole pan.

The copper has become an everyday pot with many different shapes. National cuisines have also

created their own styles like the Lyonnesse frying pan, the Russian casserole pan, the sauteuse, etc.

The shapes and materials have followed the evolution of heat sources; first they were open-flame,

then covered, then with a hot plate, now induction tops. Each type of source heat has its favorite

material, whether ferrous or not

Now days you can trust Agnelli to fulfill your cooking needs!